Vurtego pogo sticks instead of using a traditional metal spring have a patented air spring. So that, you’ll need a specific pump to pump your air powered pogo stick up before you can start bouncing. We’re going to make a short review for the right air pumps, that are suitable for your new pogo stick. It may be either a cheap option that you can get for your kid to destroy, or to take on trips with no fear to lose or break or something that’s a little more costly but durable. First of all, you can use two main ways to fill your Vurtego pogo stick with air: an air compressor and a pump. If you happen to have an air compressor and a tire filler attachment, you’re done with a search and that`s the best case scenario. If not– or if you plan on taking your pogo stick for trips etc – get a pump. Below we share with you some guidelines on how to pick the right pump for your Vurtego device.


Please bear in mind- NOT ALL PUMPS WORK WITH OUR POGO STICKS. Follow our guidelines to choose the perfect one. 

  • First of all, there are two types of pumps on the market: Schrader Valve and Presta Valve. However, some combo pumps may have both valves included.
Schrader valves are the ones you’ve probably seen on just about every car and bike tire for the past 40 years. Our pogo sticks use the Schrader valve, so you’ll need to make sure that the pump you purchase has a Schrader valve nozzle. It doesn’t end there…some manufacturers make the nozzle so big that it doesn’t fit on the top of our stick – and the same goes for bikes with closely set spokes.

The Presta valve, otherwise known as the French valve, is used for high pressure bicycle racing tires…just like the ones used in the Tour de France. If you get a pump that has a Presta valve, it’s not going to work with our pogo stick. DON’T GET A PUMP WITH A PRESTA VALVE!!! 


You can find a right pump for you easily on Amazon, Ebay, or you will need to purchase one from a local bike shop, sporting goods store etc. 

  • Secondly, there are two issues that come up when trying to find a high volume air pump that works with our pogo sticks:
1. Making sure the pump has a Schrader Valve – the standard for car and bike tires in the US – as opposed to the stupid French Presta Valve. Getting a pump with a Schrader valve will instantly solve this issue.

2. Many of the new pumps out there have a huge nozzle, not suitable for our pogo sticks. There’s a limited amount of space to put all of the components needed in our top cap (handlebar cutout, four handlebar bolts, and the air fill valve), and the amount of space left over determines the size of the hole that we can create for the fill valve.

The size of the hole in our top cap is 0.93″ (2.36cm) in diameter. The nozzles on pumps seem to range in size from 0.75″ all the way up to 1.1″ (1.91-2.8cm).

You can see on the picture below, that the hole in our top cap where the air fill valve sits is 0.93″ across. So your just need to find a pump that has a nozzle smaller than 0.93″ (2.36cm). If you get a pump that has only a Schrader valve, it’s almost guaranteed to work with our pogo sticks. If you get a pump that has both a Schrader valve and Presta valve, just make sure to check the nozzle size prior to purchase.…otherwise you would need to remove the top cap to inflate the pogo stick, which is not an option for proper user experience.


If you’re buying your pump from a physical store, you can always take your Vurtedo stick to the store and check out the pumps. 

And don`t forget in case of any questions to contact us, we are always there to help and assist.

How to choose a right pump for Vurtego Pogo Sticks – Dream Tours