Below you can see which parts of Vurtego pogo are eligible for 1 year warranty service. The general information about warranty on our products and particularly Vurtego you can find on our Returns and Warranty policies page

Bear in mind that in case of warranty part request, it will be sent to you with no extra shipping cost.



Handlebars are excluded from the warranty because they are designed to give way in order to help prevent potential injuries. From time to time, people do break the handlebars, for which we sell replacement packs (3 in a pack) on our site.




The V4 pogo stick cylinder is extruded specifically for Vurtego from 6063 T5 billet aluminum. Our specially designed extrusion process creates a perfectly smooth interior wall to provide a uniform seal with the piston o-ring seal.

Once the extrusion process is completed, our top cap bracket is TIG welded to the cylinder, sealing off the upper end of the cylinder from air leaks. 8 breather holes are positioned at two different points on the cylinder, allowing for a more even air intake and exhaust throughout the bounce. By doubling the number of breather holes in the V4 Pogo Stick cylinder, we have significantly increased circulation and airflow in comparison to the V3 Pogo Stick. This helps to reduce friction and provide a smoother, more effortless bounce.

After the cylinders undergo the manufacturing process, they are anodized and powder coated. The anodizing process helps to fill in any minor scratches on the inside cylinder walls and also strengthens the aluminum, helping to prevent against dings and dents. The powder coat paint makes them as beautiful as you can imagine. The final result is a cylinder beefy enough to withstand just about anything you can throw at it, yet light enough for you to whip around in the air.



While we’ve updated nearly every major part from the V3, the V4 Pogo Stick is designed around our brand new Air Piston. By combining the spacer and piston in the V3 to become a new cup-shaped air piston in the V4, we can store an additional 14in³ of air inside the pogo cylinder, increasing to 176in³ total. It may not sound like a whole lot, but that extra air  changes everything. You’ll be able to bounce just as high with a lower psi, opening the door to new possibilities.
The Air Piston makes this pogo stick ride smoother, softer, and easier than ever before.
This is going to help you get better faster.



We’ve completely redesigned the shock absorber for the V4. With a smaller outside diameter, it now hugs the shaft, sliding up and down with the piston as you bounce. The smaller outside diameter of the shock absorber allowed us to reposition the breather holes in the cylinder. As a result, we were able to double the air intake and exhaust, spreading the circulation more evenly though your bounce. The final adjustment we made was adding a series of nubs on both side of the shock absorber. The nubs reduce the impact area of the shock absorber, reducing overall noise.



A specially formulated powder coating is applied to our Traction Pegs, providing a griptape-like feel to ensure that your feet stay locked in place on the pogo stick at all times. This coating will help you land those particularly tough tricks and last second landings without fear of losing your footing.



The Air Piston has been coupled with a longer slide shaft to help you jump higher with less effort on the V4 Pogo Stick. Due to lower air volume in the V3, the slide shaft stroke length was limited to a particular length – 14″ for a small, 16″ for a medium, and 18″ for a large. By adding more air to the cylinder, we created the ability to offer longer slide shafts.

The V4 Pogo Stick has 1″ of extra stroke, and the V4 Pro has 3″ of extra stroke on the slide shaft compared to the V3. The more stroke you have on our pogo sticks, the higher you can jump and the easier it becomes to do so.

Because the V4 Pogo Stick has 1″ of extra stroke, you can bounce higher than ever before. Even more exciting is that because it’s softer and smoother to jump on – much more like a trampoline – you don’t need to put as much energy into bouncing. This reduction in energy makes bouncing at big air heights nearly effortless. You can shift your attention from focusing on jumping to focusing on what you want to do next. This makes it more controllable and maneuverable – landing new combos and setting up tough lines will be easier than ever.

The V4 Pro has a stroke that is 2″ longer than the V4. This additional stroke length means an even smoother and higher bounce. But is also means the pegs will start around your knees, so be prepared to step up onto it before you even begin jumping!



One of our most proud improvements is our Grip Tip. We’ve changed the shape of our Grip Tip to a symmetrical dome, which provides a consistent amount of surface area no matter what angle you bounce at. This new Grip Tip will help to keep you off your butt and in the air. Just remember, no matter what material we use, bouncing at too severe of an angle or in wet or slippery conditions should always be avoided. When in doubt, ditch the stick and let it take the fall!





Made out of black acetyl, the V4 bushing is strong, slippery and has undergone quite a change, but the most important thing you need to know is that it now has 40% less friction. Simply put, this means a smoother ride.

For those of you looking for the ultimate height potential, the V4 Pro Pogo Stick is designed with an optional upgrade. All you need to do is place lubricant in each of the 4 cutout pockets to get the best ride that we offer!

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