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Lefkada Dream Tours


Dear friends!

Lefkada Dream Tours is an Online Tour Agency specializing in Tours, Cruises and Adventures by locals in the island of Lefkada.

We guide day tours, road trips, hikes, boat tours, adventure activities and cooking classes in Lefkada. 

In our platform you will also find amazing traditional holiday rentals on the mountain of Lefkada, where you can live the life of the locals, on a fresh air, in  COVID-free environment and rejuvenate your senses during your holiday. 

By using our services you can plan easily your next holiday in Lefkada, live like a local, skip the line, and meet the history, the culture and beauty of this beautiful island, off the beaten track.  

We are the official partners of Vurtego Pogo Sticks, the unbeatable leader in the pogo stick segment. Vurtego is perfect for adventurous active people, who like moving a lot and to keep it fit. 


Our Vision

Is to link people to adventure and activities, during their holidays, to serve convenient offers and experiences to our visitors, and to provide the best online services.

All in all to offer unique experiences in your plate. The revelation of new places, the local vibes will give an authentic tune to your adventure experience in Lefkada.



Stay tuned ..


Stay adventurous .. see you around Lefkada ..!!!

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