Adventure Tours by Locals in Lefkada. Plan your next adventure tour, the best things to do in Lefkada, and explore the mountain and the beautiful beaches

Find top adventure in Lefkada with adventure tours, road trips, and the best things to do from anywhere in the island, and visit the west coast beaches, or any other beach in the island, like a local.

Apart from the things to do in Lefkada town like visiting the center and the museums, you can also take an adventure and tour the island like a local.  

Visit Porto Katsiki beach. Enjoy a day in one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of the Mediterranean. 

Visit Gialos beach. Find a serene and wild beach on the west coast of Lefkada, with amazing waters and a very long beach, for nudism.

Visit Kalamitsi beach. Visit Kavalikefta, Megali Petra and Gaidaros beach, find amazing sightseeings with huge rocks on the water, and canteens for the day.

Visit Kathisma beach. Find the busiest beach in Lefkada at only a few kilometers away from the town of Lefkada. Here you will find umbrellas and loungers for a very long day, till the sunset.

Visit Pefkoulia beach. Arrive to the beach of Pefkoulia through the access of the DECK beach bar, at Pefkoulia. 

Visit East coast beaches or the ones at the south with Mikros Gialos and Agiofyli, as the best ones to explore.

You can also find half day sunset romance adventure tours the lighthouse with photoshooting and wine tasting.

You will also find adventures in the mountain of Lefkada. The island of Lefkada has an enormous mountainous part, with unbelievable countryside and amazing traditional villages to explore. Meet Karya, Englouvi, Exanthia and other mountain villages, explore the local culture like a local.  

Due to the easy access of Lefkada with the mainland, you can always ask to find day trips to the mainland, and meet Epirus mountains and villages, visit Acheron River, Parga etc.

If you are not a fan of adventures or boat tours while in Lefkada, have an adventure tour instead and meet Lefkada off the beaten path. You can also find transfers.

Find the best Adventure Tours in Lefkada by locals and skip the line.

Book Local Private tours in Lefkada, villages and heritage tours, beach tours, wine tasting tours, holiday packages, mixed activity full day tours with kayaking, snorkeling safari and scuba diving in Lefkada.

Find the best adventure tours in Lefkada, skip the line, and explore Lefkada in the best way!  


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Adventure tours in Lefkada

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