Find holiday rentals in Lefkada, traditional stone houses in low prices on the mountain, plan your next stay in Lefkada, and live like a local

Stay in traditional cottages, stone houses of local village ambience, in the picturesque villages over the mountain of Lefkada, and live like a local. Your stay here is an ultimate low budget option apart from the villas on the beach, for your accommodation during your holidays in Lefkada.

Explore the village lifestyle and become one with locals. Learn about the culture behind the beauty of Lefkada, off the beaten path.

Although Lefkada is not a huge island, moving from the mountain to the beaches you will definitely need a car, so be prepared to manage your transportation in advance.

If you are not a fan of tours, boat tours while in Lefkada, find a house rental instead, and meet Lefkada off the beaten path.

The stone house rentals are a unique option to find adventure and serene in Lefkada.

Find budget stone house rentals, settle down, and explore Lefkada in the best way!  



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Budget house rentals in Lefkada

Book Traditional Cottage in Lefkada, Karya.




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